Available to all students inside my Personal Finance Program, Blueprint at Home

Create a "budget" you actually want to live by— yes, it's possible!

Lifetime Access. Reuse the budget template to set goals year after year.

available in Google Sheets format

Learn at your own pace, at your own convenience. Recorded Training to watch, pause, take notes, play. Repeat.


Make “close your eyes and charge it” a thing of the past! It’s time to tell your dollars where to go 💸 and ensure you’re spending your hard earned cash in a way that aligns with your personal values and life goals!

Receive my best tips for creating a one year personal budget including how we deal with fluctuating income, sticking to a spending plan without feeling frugal and more!

It's time to tell your dollars where to go instead of wondering where they went!

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Budgets Made Easy!
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A Simplified One Year Personal Budget Template

The One Year Business Budget Template is available to all students inside my Personal Finance Program, Blueprint at Home.

Get a clear snapshot of your personal salary, bills, and monthly spending. Walk away with a clear idea of how much you need to pay yourself this year to reach your personal financial goals. Created in Google Sheets.


In this Quick Use Tutorial Video I’ll show you exactly how to setup a one year budget for your home. You'll learn how I manage fluctuating income, set my pay as a business owner, and stick to a budget without feeling totally deprived! You’ll also learn my “need, want, reach for the stars” method of financial goal setting and best practices for staying on track with your budget each month.

PRE-RECORDED: Watch at your own pace, at your own convenience, as many times as you please (with lifetime access!)


Here's What's Inside

Inside this short ebook, I'll walk you through setting up your new spreadsheet and best practices for utilizing this tool every month! 


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"Shanna, this has broken so many mental barriers that I've built up over time. I literally stopped midway through the video, lifted my hands, and thanked God for leading me to her."

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"It’s nice to get professional advise on how to manage things and knowing we are on the right track. We love the idea of designated bank/savings accounts, it’s kind of like ‘the envelope system,’ except it won’t be as easy to just grab money out of. Thanks for putting your love and attention into this." 

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"My finances have done a 180 in a positive direction. I am now planning to purchase a house in the next couple of years mainly from savings!"

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Get a clear snapshot of progress toward your financial goals each month. Track your personal home budget each and every month. Know exactly how much money is coming in, where it’s being spent, and how you’re tracking toward your big financial goals! Truth is : You work way too hard to feel poor! Whether you want to take that dream vacation or shiplap your laundry room, finding extra room in your budget starts by knowing where your money is going!

Monthly Personal Budget Tracking Template

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