Available to all students inside my business course, The Blueprint Model.

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Confession: I’ve totally been that person a week before taxes were due sorting through receipts and trying to get my quickbooks up to date. I know from experience that if you don’t make room to stay on top of your finances consistently, it’s a task that inevitably ends up on the back burner.

Money date, duty day, finance Friday —whatever title you love best, your business deserves and home finances at least one day a month to get down to the nitty gritty dollars + cents. Get my step-by-step workflow for managing our home and business finances in just one day per month! 

Monthly Financial Management—Simplified!

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Now I’m passing my exact workflow— step-by-step checklist to you!

Albert Einstein says to never memorize anything you can look up. I’m a big fan of automation and creating a simplified workflow to manage our home and business finances makes keeping track of our money easy! 

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My Monthly Money Date Workflow & Checklist  is available to all students inside my business course, The Blueprint Model.

Your Purchase includes: My Simple system for staying on top of my business and personal finances each month, my monthly money workflow checklist + Asana template. Plus, a Quick Video Tutorial to help implement your own "money date".


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Amy T. Won

"I have never been so giddy about numbers before! I've shed many many tears about money over 9 years of being a creative entrepreneur and I'm never as confident as I am now."

finally, finances feel doable

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Mary Love Richardson

"I'm just so excited to understand all of these numbers and definitely feel equipped to approach next year with new confidence and a concrete plan."



emily christisen

"She tailors the information to entrepreneurs and small businesses and does a great job of explaining finances to the average person."

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