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Financial Management for your home & business— simplified!

This is a recurring subscription. Recommended for US based businesses only.

Complete the financial tasks in the month assigned and never worry about missing an important deadline again!

Receive your monthly financial checklist delivered via email on the 1st of every month. 


Having a dedicated numbers person on your team is a luxury most small businesses cannot afford. And while geeking out of your P&L statement is likely not why you got into business, stressing over tax deadlines and wondering if the IRS is going to hunt you down doesn’t make for a kind work environment either!

Now you can get the helpful reminders, accountability, and high level strategy a dedicated CFO would provide at a price-point that won’t break the bank! Consider me your new CFO! 

Monthly Financial Management—Simplified!

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Like having your own in-house accounting department (for way less $$$!)

Financial tasks delivered monthly to your virtual mailbox! Never worry about missing an important deadline again— send 1099s? I’ll remind you. Time to pay quarterly tax estimates, I won’t let you forget!

✍🏻 Like a Personal Assistant for your finances!




Recurring Monthly Subscription

Financial Tasks & To-dos delivered monthly directly to your virtual mailbox!

Monthly CFO Checklists are available to all students inside my membership, The Money Club.

Stay on top of your personal and business finances with a simple monthly checklist, reminders, accountability and support! Delivered on the 1st of each month to your virtual mailbox! 

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Amy T. Won

"I have never been so giddy about numbers before! I've shed many many tears about money over 9 years of being a creative entrepreneur and I'm never as confident as I am now."

finally, finances feel doable

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Mary Love Richardson

"I'm just so excited to understand all of these numbers and definitely feel equipped to approach next year with new confidence and a concrete plan."



emily christisen

"She tailors the information to entrepreneurs and small businesses and does a great job of explaining finances to the average person."

shanna makes it so easy


Snag your copy of my home & business monthly financial workflow. Inside you'll find my system for organizing my home & business finances each month with a simple checklist you can follow to stay on top of the recurring monthly financial tasks. Asana Template included.

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